Mani Rimdu Helicopter Tour

The names Mani Rimdu comes from “Mani” part of the chant of Chenrezig, and ‘Ribu” which are the small red pills, which is blessed around the ceremony and will be distributed the same to the every people at the end of the festival. According to the tradition and culture of mind rolling this was originated from Rongbuk Monastery, north of Tyangboche in Tibet, this Mani Rimdu in Tyangboche is performed. At the beginning of the festival, the beautiful and complex Mandela or sacred diagram is drawn at the sand with fine colored which is collected from the special places of the high mountains. To complete the Mandala it takes about four days. During the next ten days meditation, it is covered and used as the focus point.         

The symbolic demons are conquered, banish and control, throughout this dances. This symbolism can be described on many levels; the demons representing the inner hatred, selfishness and ignorance is overcome throughout the meditation. At the end of these ceremonies, the dance which is known as “cham” will be performed by the monks. There are the sixteen dances with some comic episode express at satisfying the crowds. These dances are performed for memorializing the establishment of Buddhism in the Himalayas by the Legendary Padma Sambhav, which is known as Guru Rinpoche. This dances support the teaching of Buddhist from many levels as from simplest truth to the most profound realization

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