Halesi Mahadev Heli Tour

Halesi Mahadev is one of the most ancient and holiest places of Nepal which is very popular as The Pashupatinath of the eastern Nepal. Halesi Mahadev is located at the hilly region of the country between the Dudh koshi river to the right and Sunkoshi to the left. This temple is situated inside a beautiful cave at the top of a small hill. And there you can find other many beautiful caves too. The main important thing of this place is here, The image of the god is inside the cave, which is full of natural beauty. The cave inside is dark and inside many bats fly here and there. It is also very kind of honour for the people who lives there because it is famous as other temples like the Pashupatinath, the Lumbini etc. even internationally. It is also one of the natural cave which is located in 4th remote hilly region and people believes that it is to be in existence since 6000 years. And this place is full of natural beauty and cultural inheritance. And it is known as the one of famous place for both Hindus as well as Buddhists people all over the world.

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